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4 Most Fun Things To Do In Wisconsin Dells

For tourists who like outdoor fun and sports, Wisconsin Dells is the perfect place to visit. This city is located in the Southern part of Wisconsin and is famous for its world-class waterparks, theme parks, and resorts. Wisconsin Dells’ winery tours are famous for their sparkling and fruity wines. That is why so many people visit the Fawk Creek winery and the Baraboo Bluff winery when they go on Wisconsin Dells’ wine tours.

Since this city has many lakes and the Wisconsin River, activities like kayaking, boating, fishing are not out of reach. Wisconsin Dells’ watersports can be a very rewarding experience. Besides that, this city is a haven for golf fans since one can find many Wisconsin Dells golf packages. However, make sure to visit during the peak season so that you do not miss out on any offers. The Trapper’s Turn golf club is one of the best Wisconsin Dells golf courses.

So without further ado, here are the 4 most fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells:

1. Watersports in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is home to the USA’s largest waterpark, namely, the Noah’s Arc waterpark. Here, you can play watersports and also enjoy tube rides, waterslides, arcade games, and much more. The Wilderness Resort and the Kalahari waterpark are some other great options for watersports lovers.
Since the presence of fishing spots in Wisconsin Dells is abundant, one can opt to fish. It is a great leisurely activity and you can also socialize with your friends.

2. Give Kayaking A Go
Alongside the Wisconsin River, you can rent a kayak or other water sports equipment easily. Paddleboards, boats, and so on, are available here at affordable rates. You can choose to go kayaking in Mirror Lake State Park. This place is surrounded by beautiful sandstone bluffs and pine trees which will make your kayaking experience more enjoyable.

3. Relax At The Sundara Spa
In the contemporary fast-paced life, people can get stuck in the monotony of daily routine. Over time, the pressure of meeting deadlines and targets can become overwhelming and lead to burnout. That is why it is important for every individual to take out time for self-care and relaxation every now and then. The Sundara Spa in Wisconsin Dells is the perfect place for relaxing and unwinding. A variety of facilities are available here such as the purifying bath, sauna, fitness studio, Jacuzzi, and much more. So make sure you replenish your spirit when you visit this city.

4. Visit Wineries
For wine connoisseurs, experiencing a winery tour can be a dream vacation. Well, when it comes to quality wines and beer, Wisconsin Dells is not far behind. Visit the Baraboo Bluff winery to find out more about the winemaking process while you enjoy a sunny day in the lap of nature. Another highly-rated winery is the Fawn Creek winery and here, you can taste sparkling wines and also click Insta-worthy selfies with your travel group.


Final Thoughts
Wisconsin Dells is a hidden gem of the American Midwest. Many tourists visit this city and leave with memories to relish for a lifetime. Whether you are planning to visit the city of Dells with your friends, family, or by yourself, you can enjoy plenteous activities at affordable rates. Make sure to stay updated with the upcoming events in Wisconsin Dells through the DellsGetaway online platform. With the inside details of all local events, you will be certain to enjoy the best vacation of your life.

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