Group Travel Guide to Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells’ tourism story dates around 150 years ago when the first tourist came for scenic tours of spectacular sandstone cliffs lining the Wisconsin River shores. It has a lot to offer to group travelers, from Wisconsin Dells wine tours to dining experiences and unlimited accommodation options.

In the present, Wisconsin Dells has witnessed over five million annual visitors and successfully hosts several meetings, sports activities, and conventions. The arrival of people in large numbers has made many friend circles capture the memories of their bond in the Waterpark capital of the world.

Dells has hotel rooms in large numbers than seen in any other city in Wisconsin. Exceeding 19 campgrounds, 8000 rooms, and 3200 campsites, Wisconsin Dells guarantees travel groups of all preferences and sizes, defining itself as a favorite spot of many. Undeniably, Wisconsin Dells is a popular tourist hub, where group travelers have been visiting for more than a century. When Stan Anderson, Polynesian Resort Hotel owner, decided to put a roof over a children’s water attraction, Wisconsin Dells was the first to launch the waterpark craze.

The place is home to delectable meals, mesmerizing sites, and unforgettable experiences. Regardless of which day you are coming, Wisconsin Dells is always ready to provide the ideal getaway for travel groups.

Where to Stay?

Wisconsin Dells has more than 3200 campsites and 19 campgrounds. Two people can live in one campsite, enjoy the golf course fun, and experience the beauty of the ski resort. It is easy to get a stunning five-acre property of hotels and motels equipped with family suites, canyon condos, pet-friendly rooms, and kitchenettes. Further, you can look for resorts and Wisconsin Dells hotels in Kalahari as well.

Entering Wisconsin Dells

Situated in Wisconsin’s Heartland, you can reach Wisconsin Dells in many ways by several major airports, highways, trains, and buses. Wisconsin Dells, located 50 miles north of Madison, is close to Baraboo Wisconsin Dells Airport in Baraboo. Another way to reach Dells through flight is via Dane County Regional Airport.

With unlimited waterparks, attractions, entertainment, and dining options to experience, a group trip to Wisconsin Dells and narrowing down your planning options can be easy if you and your group cooperate with the travel guide.

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