Wine Tourism: Come and Explore Wisconsin Dells!

Want to stroll among the vines and a visit to a vineyard? Wisconsin Dells offers an enormous kind of activities and experiences in addition to high-quality wines. Whether you enjoy having wine at dinner or are a wine lover, there is much just waiting to discover Wisconsin Dells’ winery tour.

A wine buff would never like to sip only one glass of wine at one place when the city has lots to offer with great entertainment. For instance, a blend of a glass of wine and a live show in Wisconsin Dells– Terrific! So, where can you head for different wines when in Wisconsin Dells? Have a look-

  • Fawn Creek Winery

Fawn Creek wines created from grapes are harvested in Lodi, California. They all are fermented, made, and bottled on-site. Further, you can have a delightful experience with a Granny Smith-apple-flavored Riesling and Granny’s Gold. The winery blossoms up with Prairie Star, Frontenac, and Swenson White grapes, while these varieties are produced in a mid-western climate, unlike popular varietals.

  • Prairie Hawk Winery

Here, wines are handcrafted in small batches with in-depth detail. All the batches are closely monitored, from grape to glass, making sure you enjoy them to the fullest. Prairie Hawk Winery is specialized in traditional varieties and country, meads, wines, and ciders. You can get at least on their offerings to your taste.

  • Broken Bottle Winery

Arrived from a family that brought you Baraboo Bluff Winery, Broken Bottle Winery comes as a sister. Founded in May 2019, the winery hub provides one-of-a-kind wines- two large front porches with additional seating, a large outdoor stage offering a small town, rustic vibe, and two 28-foot tasting bars with spacious indoor seating.

  • Swiss Maid Fudge

A second-generation old-fashioned candy store was inaugurated its doors in 1962. Here you can get different varieties of wines along with handmade candies.

  • Port Huron Brewing Company

Those benevolent wines and beers can make you step into Port Huron Brewing Company for an unforgettable experience. The place has a beautiful ambiance.

Get ready not only for a winery near Wisconsin dells but also for various breweries in the city, and make your trip memorable with a winery tour in Wisconsin Dells!

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